[Socbin] Two open PhD position in "Studies of Membrane Protein Interactions"

Arne Elofsson arne at sbc.su.se
Wed Mar 9 10:41:34 CET 2005

Dear colleagues 

Sorry to disturb you, but we would need your help to fill two
PhD-positions and would therefore ask you to post the following
announcement at a suitable location and to spread the word to
potentially interested students. For more information go to:


Phd Positions in "Studies of Membrane Protein Interactions"

All genomes contains a large fraction of membrane proteins, and
membrane proteins constitute more than half of all drug targets. These
proteins have to a large extent been ignored in most high-throughput
experimental studies as they are notoriously difficult to handle. In
particular, the interactions networks formed between membrane proteins
is an important area of study in the post-genome era.

The study of protein interactions in general and membrane protein
interactions in particular can be divided into two major problem
areas; (i) identification of protein complexes and interacting
proteins, and (ii) studies of protein-protein interactions to
understand the underlying physiochemical rules. These questions can be
properly addressed only by new combinations of biochemical,
bioinformatical, and biophysical techniques. Very few places in the
world can assembly such a cross-disciplinary research team in the
membrane protein area. In this project w bring together the
complementing competencies at the Department of Biochemistry and
Biophysics, SU, the Department of Physics, KTH, and Stockholm
Bioinformatics Center to address these questions.

For this project we are now searching for two outstanding young
student who wants to be part of an SSF funded multidisciplinary
project aimed at improving our understanding of membrane protein

Position 1: "Computational structural biology studies of membrane proteins".

In this project you will use a combination of theoretical methods to
increase our understanding on how membrane proteins interact. You will
use computational chemistry methods as well as bioinformatical
methods. Previous experience of programming is an advantage. You will
be supervised by Erik Lindahl and Arne Elofsson.

Position 2: "Membrane protein proteomics".

In this project you will work on purification of membrane protein
complexes (from Yeast and E.Coli) as well as perform bioinformatical
work studying membrane protein interactions using theoretical
methods. Previous experience of molecular biology/biochemistry is
necessary and computer experience is an advantage. You will be
supervised by Gunnar von Heijne, Dan Daley, Susana Cristobal and Arne
Elofsson.  Application and further questions

Please apply be sending your CV (including information about your
grades), a declaration of your research interests and the email
address of two references to the address below no later than March 31

    * Position 1: Erik Lindahl
      Stockholm Bioinformatics Center
      106 91 Stockholm
      lindahl at sbc.su.se
    * Position 2:
      Arne Elofsson
      Stockholm Bioinformatics Center
      106 91 Stockholm
      arne at sbc.su.se

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