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Call for Papers


The Fourth International Conference on
Simulation in Medicine, Biology, and Biomedical Engineering, Systems Biology
Linköping, Sweden.
May 26-27, 2005

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Peter Fritzson
Program Chair

The conference is co-organized at the same site with
the SimSafe'2005 conference (May 30-31) on safety and security
usage and issues of modeling and simulation,
including safety of society, transportation, engineering, biomedical equipment, etc.

Attending both conferences gives a discount.

Between the conferences is a 2-day hands-on course in Object-Oriented modeling
and simulation using Modelica (May 28-29), primarily based on the book
"Principles of Object Oriented Modelica and Simulation with Modelica 2.1",
Wiley-IEEE Press, 2004, by Peter Fritzson.

Call for papers

Over the past decades mathematical modeling and simulation in the biological 
and biomedical areas has seen major achievements. 
However, the results are often scattered in conferences and journals
containing many other results. The aims of the 
conference are to gather common themes and solutions in biological and
biomedical modeling and simulation, and to cross-fertilize ideas. 

We seek papers describing research as well as reports on practical experience. 
We also welcome papers and demonstrations of applications, tools, and research prototypes.

The conference is concerned with, but not limited to, the following themes:

* Mathematical modeling and simulation in biology, medicine, biophysics and biochemistry.

* Mathematical modeling and simulation in immunology, neurophysiology, 
  population dynamics, enzyme kinetics, and applications in drug administration.

* Tools and methods for mathematical modeling and simulation with biological and
  medical applications.

* Systems biology.

* Object Oriented modeling approaches for biological systems.

* Simulation together with visualization in biological and biomedical applications.

* Modeling and design of control and assistance devices.

* Signal and image processing chains for biological and medical applications
  with emphasis on diagnosis.

* Bio-mechanics with modeling and simulation of the musculoskeletal system and organs in the
  human body or animals, e.g. for diagnosis, rehabilitation, training, design of prostheses,
  and artificial organs, ergonomic product design, etc.

* Models, techniques, and simulation tools to aid integrated understanding of 
  the functions of living organisms.

* Knowledge based systems and knowledge driven data processing for biological and medical
  applications with emphasis on aids to explicit diagnostic process and diagnosis rule

* Systems for educational purposes in sub-fields of biology and medicine with explicit           emphasis on mathematical models, simulation, and display tools.

* Mathematical models and simulation studies on cancer and screening infectious diseases.

* Regulation of gene Expression.

* Virtual Reality Assisted Surgery.

Furthermore, all related topics will be considered in the scientific program. The submission of papers in areas other than the ones indicated above is highly encouraged provided that they are related to the theme of the conference: Mathematical modeling and simulation in Medicine, Biology and Biomedical Engineering.

Accepted papers will be included in the conference 
proceedings, distributed locally in paper proceedings, and will also be 
published on the SIMS (Scandinavian Simulation Society) website. Authors 
of the best papers will be invited to submit journal versions of their papers
to a special issue of the Journal of Simulation Practices (SIMPRA)

Demonstration of tools and research prototypes that implement new 
ideas is encouraged as part of paper presentations.

Submission of Papers

Submitted papers or extended abstracts should be no less than 4 pages
and no longer than 10 pages double-column in length,
 including a 100 to 200 (approximately) word abstract. 
Submit papers by sending an e-mail with a Word and/or PDF file
to (submission e-mail not up
yet) with the title of the paper, names of the authors, full address 
of the correspondent and a 100 to 200 word abstract of the paper.

Conference Information and Deadlines

Paper or extended abstract submission before    March  30, 2005
Notification of acceptance by                   April  11, 2005
Final version of paper before                   May     9, 2005

Early registration deadline                     May     2, 2005

BioMedSim'2005 conference                       May 26-27, 2005  (thu-friday)

SimSafe'2005 conference                         May 30-31, 2005  (mon-tuesday)

Modelica modeling & simulation hands-on course  May 28-29, 2005  (sat-sunday)

Program and conference Chair
Peter Fritzson, Linköping University, Sweden
Email: peter.fritzson at ida.liu.se

Deputy Chair
Peter Bunus, Linköping University
Email: peter.bunus at ida.liu.se

Local Organization Chair
Kaj Nyström, Linköping University
Email: Kaj.Nystrom at ida.liu.se

Program Committee Members

Peter Fritzson,         Linköping University, Sweden (Chair)
Peter Bunus,            Linköping University, Sweden
Henrik Eriksson,        Linköping University, Sweden
Yskandar Hamam,         ISIEE, Paris, France
David Hill,             Blaise Pascal University, France
Matts Karlsson,         Linköping University, Sweden
Patrick Lambrix,        Linköping University, Sweden
Rihard Karba,           Ljubljana University, Slovenia
Klaus Robert Müller     Fraunhofer FIRST, Berlin, Germany
Aviv Regev              Harvard University, USA
François Rocaries,      ISIEE, Paris, France
Jacob Roll,             Linköping University, Sweden
Peter Van Rolleghem     University of Ghent, Belgium
Eran Segal,             Stanford University, USA
Jesper Tegner,          Linköping University, Sweden
Toomas Timpka           Linköping University, Sweden

About Vårdnäs, Linköping, Sweden

The conference site Vårdnäs is beautifully situated at a lake
just south of Linköping. Swimming, canoeing, and hiking is available
right at the site. The Lake district south of Linköping is one of the most
beautiful areas in this part of Sweden. Linköping also features
Linköping university with the university hospital, the Saab aerospace
company, one of Europes largest aircraft museums, the Old Linköping (Gamla Linköping)
town area with many small shops, the Berg lock staircase of
Göta Canal (10 km), the historic city of Vadstena with the Gustaf Wasa
castle (50km), the Baltic Sea with the St Anna Archipelago (50-100 km).

Linköping is served by four airports: Linköping airport (5 km) or Norrköping
airport (50km by Ftaxi) usually reached via Copenhagen,
the Stockholm-Skavsta airport (100 km by bus) served by the low-fare
Ryan Air, and the Stockholm-Arlanda airport (270 km by hourly trains).
A low-price shuttle between Vårdnäs and Linköping railway station or airport is
available, but should preferrably be ordered in advance.

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