[Socbin] Post doc position available at CBS, DTU - in the collaborative research project "Gene-diet interactions in obesity"

Annette V Uldall avu at cbs.dtu.dk
Fri Feb 12 12:45:05 CET 2010

A 2,5 year post doc position in systems biology and bioinformatics is
available in the collaborative research project GENDINOB – Gene-diet
interactions in obesity, at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis,
Technical University of Denmark, lead by Professor Søren Brunak. 


The GENDINOB project is based on a grant from the Danish Strategic Research
Council (Programme Committee for Health, Food and Welfare). The project may
be summarised as follows: The current knowledge about gene loci and obesity
and diet and obesity, respectively, indicates that further progress in our
understanding requires studies in which both gene loci and the dietary
factors are included. The newly found 20+ gene loci associated with obesity
contribute very little to explain the known genetic variation. The evidence
for a role of dietary factors in development of obesity is not convincing.
One important reason for the difficulties could be that the interplay
between genes and diet plays an essential role and that the phenotype has
not been precisely enough defined and measured. The GENDINOB project aims at
profoundly improving our knowledge about the role of genes and dietary
intake and their interplay in human obesity. This will be achieved by new
advanced type of analysis of novel, massive information on genetic variants
combined with food patterns and nutrients, weight change (gain and loss),
body composition, body fat distribution, and eventual obesity. The studies
will include several pre-existing observational cohorts of both women and
men, ranging from adolescence through middle age, and dietary intervention
studies of weight loss and weight maintenance in obese adults. The project
will require cross-disciplinary work based on expertise in general
epidemiology, genetic, nutritional and clinical epidemiology, molecular
genetics, bioinformatics and advanced statistical analysis. Assuming that
diets helping genetically predisposed to avoid obesity do not harm the
non-predisposed, the results of the project will contribute to
identification and development of healthier food for all. Personalised
nutrition based on genetic profiling is another possible outcome although
its feasibility is limited.


The full announcement is attached including information about  the
application procedure etc. 





Annette Vibeke Uldall, PA for Søren Brunak

Project and communication coordinator

Center for Biological Sequence analysis, 

Technical University of Denmark

Telephone +45 4525 2477/Fax +45 4593 1585

Email: avu at cbs.dtu.dk

Web: www.cbs.dtu.dk


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