[Socbin] Postdoctoral Position (2 years) in Bioinformatics

Torgeir R. Hvidsten torgeir.hvidsten at plantphys.umu.se
Mon Nov 21 11:09:59 CET 2011

*Postdoctoral Position (2 years) in Bioinformatics at Umeå University 
with focus on cancer genomics*

As postdoc you will participate in an ongoing collaboration with a 
cancer research group working on leukemia. The overall aim of the 
project is to use data from several high-dimensional genomic techniques 
(including gene expression arrays, miRNA arrays, SNP arrays and 
methylation arrays) to characterize the deregulation during 
immortalization of T lymphocytes. The project focus on developing 
methods for an integrated analysis of high-dimensional genomic data 
sets, with the specific aim to address the problem of interest. The 
research activities are interdisciplinary and build on a combination of 
cancer genetics, computer science, and statistics. The postdoc is 
expected to take an active role in this interdisciplinary cooperation.

Experience in high-dimensional data analysis using statistical or 
machine-learning methods is required. In addition, excellent programming 
skills and excellent communication skills in English are required. 
Experience of interdisciplinary research projects, in particular within 
biology and medicine, is qualifying.

Prerequisites: The applicant should have PhD degree, or equivalent, in 
bioinformatics, computer science, mathematical statistics or statistics 
with specialization related to the project, preferably not older than 
three years.

For more information contact Assistant Professor Patrik Rydén, 
+46-(0)90-786 95 62, patrik.ryden at math.umu.se 
<mailto:patrik.ryden at math.umu.se>. For more information about the 
biological problem contact Professor Göran Roos, +46-(0)90-785 18 01, 
_goran.roos at medbio.umu.se <mailto:%20goran.roos at medbio.umu.se>_.

For a full description and application guidelines see 

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**We look forward to receiving your application!**

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