[SocBiN] Granting possibility for PostDoc in Protein Structure Predictions

Arne Elofsson arne at bioinfo.se
Mon May 12 14:50:22 CEST 2014

Dear friends

This is a notice with very short short notice...

If you are or know a very good postdoc with a genuine interest in protein
structure prediction. Please have him/her contact me as soon as
possibility. There is a granting deadline on Monday May 19, i.e a need your
contact May 15 the latest. Given the right candidate there might be other
possibilities for funding as well.

We have a long standing expertise in protein structure prediction, see
http://bioinfo.se/papers/ currently we are mainly working on contact
predicitions see for instance https://github.com/ElofssonLab/PconsC2



  Arne Elofsson                Science for Life Laboratory
  Tel:+46-(0)852481531     Stockholm University
  http://bioinfo.se/             Box 1031,
  Email: arne at bioinfo.se   17121 Solna, Sweden
  Twitter:   https://twitter.com/arneelof
  Scholar: http://scholar.google.se/citations?user=s3OCM3AAAAAJ
  ORCID: 0000-0002-7115-9751
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