[SocBiN] Postdoc position in Large scale human cancer / KAW project

Johan Trygg johan.trygg at chem.umu.se
Wed May 14 12:55:45 CEST 2014

Postdoctoral Position (2 years) in Computational Human Cancer Genetics

Within the large Knut and Alice Wallenberg (KAW) project "From genealogy to yeast; the search for colon cancer genes with a multidisciplinary approach" the aim is to identify mutations which give a predisposition for colon cancer and to understand why this is the case at the molecular level. There have been several attempts made to understand the genetics of the cancer cell through whole genome sequencing. However, by simply comparing mutations found in a tumor cell with those found in healthy tissue it is not possible to determine which mutation was the driving factor leading to the development of the tumor cell. Our unique approach is to analyze not the tumor cells but, instead, to look at healthy somatic cells in individuals that have developed familial colon cancer. Our central hypothesis is that single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), copy number variations (CNVs), and other genomic variations in the human genome contribute to disease heritability. The strength of this project also lies in the multidisciplinary competence of the participating investigators. Four research groups are involved with expertise in oncology, genetics, bioinformatics and DNA repair/replication systems. Data mining the human genome using next generation sequencing technologies has created great opportunities to identify common, disease-causing mutations. These will in turn be analyzed in different model systems for understanding the molecular mechanisms of colon cancer.

To this project, we are now searching for a person to conduct research based on next-generation sequencing and data analysis. Approaches include to manage large scale next generation sequencing data, develop or use existing bioinformatic tools for genome-wide SNP, SV and CNV data and multivariate data analysis of integrated genetic data. The position is full time and for a period of two years.

Deadline for application, May 26 2014

For more information and how to submit your application, please visit,

Johan Trygg, professor
Computational life science cluster (CliC), Umeå University

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