[SocBiN] Course announcement - Analysis of data from high-throughput molecular biology experiments (fall 2017) NB! short notice!

Olof Emanuelsson olofem at kth.se
Thu Oct 19 10:57:16 CEST 2017

Dear SocBiN, Dear SciLifeLab,

We, Lars Arvestad (SU), Lukas Käll (KTH), and Olof Emanuelsson (KTH), will 
give a course named "Analysis of data from high-throughput molecular biology 
experiments" 7.5hp, course code BB2490, starting 30 October 2017 and finishing 
15 January 2018.

The course starts really soon, but we have some seats for PhD students left!

The course will cover how to analyze (i) massively parallel sequencing data 
(e.g., assembly, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq) and (ii) mass spectrometry data (e.g., 
peptide identification and quantification, post-translational modifications).

There are 12 lectures, 4 computer exercises, 3 seminars, and one project.  The 
project is done in groups of 3 students, with real data and the results will 
be presented in poster format at a "poster session" towards the end of the 
course. We require student presence and active participation at most events. 
This is also a master level course offered at the School of Biotechnology 
master programs. Hence, most of the activities will take place at the 
KTH-AlbaNova campus. The official course plan is available here: 

If you're a PhD student interested in taking this course, first talk to your 
supervisor to find out if it fits into your course package. This year we also 
ask you to suggest a project, based on your (or your PI's) own data. Note, 
however, that the project will be done in groups (see above), so it must be a 
project where your PI approves of other (most likely master level) students 
get access to the data and involved in the analysis. Note also that the 
project will have to be approved by the course leaders, this will be decided 
before the project start 24 November.

Email a short motivation (absolutely max 1/2 A4 page) of why you would like to 
participate, and a short description (absolutely max 1/2 A4 page) of the 
project that you suggest.

Please note that the number of participants is limited.

Please email your application to olofem at kth.se as soon as possible (and at the 
very latest by noon Wednesday 25 October), by replying to this email and 
keeping the Subject line intact.

This is the 8:th time this course is given, and you may very well have a 
course alumnus in your vicinity. The course is given by the School of 
Biotechnology at KTH in collaboration with Science for Life Laboratory and 
NGI, National Genomics Infrastructure.

Welcome with your application!

Lars Arvestad (lars.arvestad at scilifelab.se),
Olof Emanuelsson (olofem at kth.se),
Lukas Käll (lukas.kall at scilifelab.se)

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