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*Coordinator of the Danish ELIXIR node on bioinformatics tools

A full-time position as coordinator of the Danish ELIXIR node on
bioinformatics tools infrastructure is currently available at Center for
Biological Sequence Analysis, DTU Systems Biology. The coordinator of the
Danish ELIXIR node will report to the steering committee of the Danish node.

*About the Danish ELIXIR node on bioinformatics tools infrastructure*
The planned Danish ELIXIR node on tool integration is a part of ELIXIR, a
sustainable, distributed infrastructure for the storage and dissemination
of life sciences data in Europe. The purpose of ELIXIR is to construct and
operate such an infrastructure for biological information and tools in
Europe to support life science research and its translation to medicine and
the environment, the bio-industries and society. ELIXIR is, at a European
level, directed by the ELIXIR Board where the coordinating node is the
ELIXIR Hub at the European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK.

The emerging Danish ELIXIR node on bioinformatics tool interoperability and
integration will address the main problems in tool utilization experienced
currently by the life sciences community, and aims to focus on the
following key services: Creation of a comprehensive tool registry;
Provision of tools in the form preferred by users across academia and
industry, Benchmarking, tool sustainability and renewal; and Tool
interoperability. The effort will build upon the ongoing efforts in this
area within the European countries behind ELIXIR.

The node is secured funding by a four-year grant. The academic partners
behind the node represent the main academic stakeholders within the fields
of bioinformatics and systems biology in Denmark; the industrial partners
currently represent the major stakeholders within industrial bioinformatics
in this country.

*Job description*
To coordinate the establishment and subsequent operation of the planned
Danish ELIXIR node on bioinformatics tools interoperability. The successful
candidate should be able to take the coordinating role in managing the
planned ELIXIR node. It is expected that the candidate is able to take on
the following key responsibilities:

   - Coordinate the implementation of the Danish ELIXIR node
   - Organize and manage project development
   - Liaise with the ELIXIR Hub and other Nodes across Europe
   - Engage constructively with tool providers and users
   - Manage the node’s finances minding the available budget
   - Support the steering committee and the scientific leadership of the
   - Arrange and prepare meetings with partners and stakeholders
   - Identify Nordic and European fundraising opportunities continuously
   for increasing the impact of the Danish node

The successful candidate should have a background providing scientific and
technical knowledge to be able to carry out the coordination of the planned
Danish ELIXIR node. Applicants should be able to demonstrate capability, or
willingness to gain capability, in the following areas:

   - Solid hands on experience with applications of bioinformatics
   - Understanding of trends in tool provision and of the future of life
   - Knowledge of the needs for bioinformatics tools in academia and
   - Coordination of a significant and complex project with many partners
   and stakeholders
   - Excellent oral and written communication skills in Danish and English

*Salary and terms of employment*
This is a full-time position initially for a period of three years. The
coordinator of the Danish ELIXIR node will report to the steering committee
of the Danish node. The appointee will be an employee of Technical
University of Denmark, Department of Systems Biology and the place of
employment will be Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, DTU Systems

The appointment will be based on the collective agreement with the
Confederation of Professional Associations. The allowance will be agreed
with the relevant union.

Travel activities should be expected.

*Further information*
Further information may be obtained from Center Director, Professor Søren
Brunak, brunak at cbs.dtu.dk, tel: +45 45 25 24 77 or Project Coordinator
Annette Vibeke Uldall,avu at cbs.dtu.dk, tel: +45 45 25 24 77.

You can read more about the overall European ELIXIR infrastructure on
www.elixir-europe.org and about CBS on www.cbs.dtu.dk

*Application procedure*
We must have your online application by* 1 February 2013*. Please apply for
the position at www.career.dtu.dk - open the link "apply online" and fill
in the application form and attach your application and CV. The material
that should be given consideration in the assessment must be enclosed.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race,
disability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Med venlig hilsen/ Kind regards

Alan Wervick

+3318 7204

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