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University Lecturer* in Bioinformatics

within the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics (DBB) or the department
of computer science (NADA) (ref nr SU 612-0755-10). Deadline for
application: May 31 2010. * Swedish 'universitetslektor'; approximately
equivalent to Senior Lecturer (UK) or Associate Professor (US)

NADA is one of Sweden’s most advanced and successful research and education
institutions in Information Technology. One strong research area at NADA is
computational biolopgy. Together with DBB it is in charge of Stockholm
Bioinformatics Center <http://www.sbc.su.se/>. DBB is one of the largest
departments at Stockholm University. It has a strong focus on research in
biochemistry, biophysics and bioinformatics. In addition to Stockholm
Bioinformatics Center it also hosts the Center for Biomembrane
Research<http://www.cbr.su.se/>and is responsible for the
bioinformatics at Science
for Life Laboratory <http://www.scilifelab.se/> .

*Subject description:* Bioinformatics, e-science
*Main tasks:* Research, teaching and supervision. Some administrative
responsibility within SeRC (Swedish e-Science Research Center).

*Required qualifications:* To qualify for employment as a university
lecturer the applicant should have been awarded a PhD or have equivalent
scientific competence, completed a course in university pedagogy of at least
7,5 credits or acquired similar knowledge** in another way, and demonstrated
teaching proficiency.

The applicant must have the ability to collaborate as well as the competence
and qualities needed to carry out the employment tasks successfully.

**Applicants who have not yet completed a course in university pedagogy can
be offered a temporary position (1+1 year) in order to obtain such

*Assessment criteria:* In the appointment process equal and special weight
will be given to scientific and teaching proficiency.

Weight will also be given to administrative proficiency and proficiency in
developing and leading an organisation.

The following should be considered as a special merit:
• documented experience of developing methods in bioinformatics.

*Additional information:* Since most university lecturers at the department
are men, applications from women are particularly welcome.

The position is part of SeRC, placed at an institution after agreement. The
Department of Numerical Analysis and Computer Science, NADA, and the
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, DBB, both have promised to accept
suitable candidates.
An important role of the holder of this position is to participate in the
bioinformatics community within the strategic initiative in e-science,
’Swedish e-Science Research Center’ (SeRC). The lecturer is expected to
initiate collaborations between SeRC and other research areas of SeRC.

Applicants may request appointment at the rank of professor; if so this must
be stated clearly in the application. In order to qualify for promotion to
professor the applicant must have demonstrated well-documented scientific
proficiency at a high international level, and well-documented teaching

*Further information about the position* can be obtained from:
Prof. Arne Elofsson, e-mail: arne at cbr.su.se , phone +46(0)70 695 10 45 or
Prof. Jens Lagergren, e-mail: jensl at csc.kth.se , phone +46 (0)8 55 37 85 70

Administrative coordinator Katarina Gustafsson, telephone +46 (0)8 16 22 92,
e-mail: katarina.gustafsson at science.su.se will provide further information
about the application and appointment procedure if required.

*Trade union representatives:* Bo Ekengren, (SACO), Lisbeth Häggberg
(Fackförbundet ST), telephone +46 (0)8 16 20 00 (switchboard) och Gunnar
Stenberg (SEKO) +46 (0)70-316 43 41.

*Guidelines for the application* are given in the Template for application
for employment and for promotion to the rank of professor or senior lecturer
at Stockholm University. The template and other relevant documents including
Rules of Employment for the hiring of Teachers can be downloaded from
www.su.se/nyanstallning or be provided by the administrative coordinator. It
is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application
follows the template and that it is submitted before application deadline.

In order to apply for this position please use our web-based application
form. Application form for this

*Further information;*
Stockholm University: www.su.se/english/
Templates and rules regarding employment: www.su.se/nyanstallning
The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics: www.dbb.su.se
The Department of Numerical Analysis and Computer Science: www.nada.kth.se
SeRC: www.kth.se/forskning/sra/serc

*You are welcome to submit your application, quoting ref no SU 612-0755-10,
no later than May 31, 2010*


Engelsk annons se http://www.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=11535&a=78582

Svensk annons se http://www.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=11535&a=78573




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