[Socbin] Senior lectureship in Protein Bioinformatics at Linköping University

Bengt Persson bpn at ifm.liu.se
Thu Apr 22 16:31:03 CEST 2010

announces a position as
Senior Lecturer in Protein Bioinformatics

formally based at Institutionen för fysik, kemi och biologi

The position has a focus on eScience method development.

Bioinformatics is a young but rapidly developing research field with important 
contributions to all life sciences. Linköping University has since several years 
expanded in the areas of life science technologies, and thanks to the long 
tradition of interdisciplinary projects, there are much collaboration between 
different departments. At Linköping University, there are several 
internationally well-known bioinformatics research groups. The present 
recruitment should strengthen the bioinformatics activities with emphasis on 
developments of new methods and strategies for analysis of large-scale 
biological data. Furthermore, multi-disciplinary collaboration will be of
great importance. Also close collaboration with the National Supercomputer 
Centre (NSC) at Linköping University is foreseen. Key future challenges include 
new ways to use distributed computing for large-scale analysis and to combine 
and integrate data from various sources in a high-throughput manner.

The new position is part of the Swedish Government’s Strategic Research Area 
(SRA)for eScience, in particular the Swedish eScience Research Centre (SeRC) 
jointly established by Linköping University and the three universities in 
Stockholm (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Karolinska 
Institutet). SeRC aims to strengthen eScience research in core areas 
(distributed resources and database technology, parallel algorithms and 
performance optimisation, mathematical modelling, numerical analysis, 
interaction and visualisation), and to do so in tight collaboration with a set 
of eScience communities and the largest high-performance computing facilities of 

The successful candidate will have a special responsibility for developing the 
SeRC bioinformatics community and form new interactions both with relevant 
departments at Linköping University and relevant groups within SeRC. 
Furthermore, multidisciplinary collaboration will be of great importance.

This appointment as Senior lecturer involves research, teaching, and 
administrative duties. It is also the responsibility of the holder of the 
appointment to follow development within one's own research area as well as 
societal developments that are of relevance to the research and teaching. The 
holder of the appointment as Senior lecturer shall mainly conduct research but 
also participate in teaching on the undergraduate and advanced levels at 
Linköping University.

The position requires a doctorate or equivalent scientific qualifications of 
relevance to the subject of the appointment and the duties involved. The 
position also requires that the holder has a degree in teaching in higher 
education or has acquired equivalent skills in some other way, and has shown 
pedagogical skills.

Grounds for assessment
The grounds for assessment for the appointment as Senior lecturer are the extent 
of proficiency in the research area and the extent of administrative and other 
skills relevant to the subject of the appointment and the duties involved.

The extent of proficiency in developing and leading university operations and 
staff, as well as the ability to collaborate with the surrounding society and 
inform about research and development, will also be considered.

In the assessment for this position equal importance is attached to scientific 
and pedagogical/administrative proficiency. The applicant should have high 
interpersonal skills and excellent ability to communicate with colleagues and users.

Scientific proficiency shall be proven with own research as well as with 
research planning and leadership. Moreover, scientific proficiency can be proven 
through ability to achieve research results in collaboration with other teachers 
and through ability to inform about research.

Pedagogical skills can be demonstrated through broad and solid knowledge in the 
subject of the appointment. Pedagogical skills shall also be proven through the 
ability to propagate commitment and interest for the subject, the ability to 
structure and organize knowledge mass for courses, the ability to motivate 
students for own learning, the ability to communicate with students and other 
teachers, as well as the ability to innovate.

Administrative skills shall be proven with experience of developing and leading 
operations and staff.

Equal opportunities
Linkoping University shall continue to develop as an attractive and creative 
work place characterized by equal opportunities, and therefore works actively to 
promote diversity and gender equality.

A majority of the Senior lecturers within the department are men, which is why 
precedence will be given to women in cases where qualifications are deemed 
otherwise equivalent.

Appointing procedure
The appointment will be made by the Vice-Chancellor of the University on the 
advice of the Appointment Advisory Board.

Starting date
By agreement.

The University applies individual salary scales adapted to the experience of the 
employee and to the labour market. Please specify salary level in your application.

Further information
Professor Bengt Persson, tel +46(0)13-28 29 83(bengt.persson at liu.se). The union 
representatives are Mr. Örjan Lönnevik (SACO), tel +46(0)13-28 66 
34,(orjlo at ifm.liu.se), and Mr. Gabriel Thott (OFR/S), tel +46(0)11-36 31 71, 
(gabriel.thott at isak.liu.se). Secretary of the Appointments Advisory Board, Mr. 
Lars Alm, tel +46 (0)13-28 10 12 (lars.alm at liu.se), will answer any questions 
about the application procedure.

Application procedure
Your application marked with the Registration number LiU-2010-00630, accompanied 
by your Curriculum Vitae (please use the template http://www.liu.se/en/job/), 
list of publications, and all other documents you may wish to refer to, must 
reach the University Registrar no later than 2010-05-31 at the following 
addresses: e-mail: registrator at liu.se or Linköpings Universitet Registrator, 
SE-581 83 Linköping, SWEDEN.
Scientific work shall be sent in three printed copies.

Documents that are sent electronically (application, CV, and list of 
publications) shall be in MS Word or pdf.

Late applications will not be considered.

Announcement in English: http://www.liu.se/en/job/show.html?3384

Annons på svenska: http://www.liu.se/jobbdb/show.html?3368

Bengt Persson, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Bioinformatics
Director of NSC (National Supercomputer Centre)
Linköping University & Karolinska Institutet

Telephone:    +46 13 282 983 (IFM), +46 13 282 536 (NSC), +46 8 5248 7730 (KI)
Mobile phone: +46 70 595 7654
Facsimile:    +46 13 137 568 (IFM), +46 13 282 535 (NSC), +46 8 323 950 (KI)
E-mail:       bpn at ifm.liu.se, bpn at ki.se

Linköping University       | Karolinska Institutet
IFM Bioinformatics         | Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB)
Building F, room D313      | Berzelius väg 35, room B118
S-581 83 Linköping, SWEDEN | S-171 77 Stockholm, SWEDEN

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