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Could you please post this position?
Lodewyk Wessels.

(NKI-AVL and the VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Lymphocytes are central in the regulation of immune response. T-lymphocytes differentiate into functionally distinct subsets. Proper regulation of the balance between various subsets is crucial for an optimal immune system and for host defense against pathogens and cancer. Recently, a new T-cell subset, Th17, which plays a central role in host defense, was discovered. In this project, our aim is to identify the underlying regulatory mechanisms and molecular networks that govern the formation of Th17 cells.

We will achieve this by generating comprehensive datasets and performing state-of-the art computational modeling based on these data. The data sets will include time series RNA and miRNA expression data, siRNA perturbation experiments based on kinome and phosphatome libraries, (phospho)protein expression and Chip-Seq data. To construct the computational models, we will build both data-driven machine learning models and knowledge-driven (logical and Petri-net) models of the regulatory networks. Our aim is to fuse the results of these two approaches to obtain a single, hybrid model. Computational predictions of key control mechanisms will be tested experimentally and the resulting data will be employed to refine the models.
The successful candidate will be primarily responsible for constructing models of the regulatory Th17 developmental networks, developing new computational methodologies where required and liaising with the computational and biological partners in this project. 

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is a dedicated cancer center conducting research in all major areas of cancer, with a strong emphasis on translational research. The Bioinformatics and Statistics group provides leadership on the collection and analysis of data for the research programs of the institute, by developing novel compuational approaches and performing state of the art analyses of a wide array of data types, including laboratory and animal experiments, clinical trials, and epidemiologic studies.

The Centre for Integrative Bioinformatics (IBIVU) is a broad-based research centre at the VU University that is carried by the Faculty of Sciences (FEW) and the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (FALW) with strong endorsement from the University Board. Its main missions are carrying out a strong and internationally competitive research program in Integrative Bioinformatics with an additional focus on Systems Biology, and providing an excellent educational program at bachelor and master level; the latter including two-year international master's programmes in Bioinformatics and in Systems Biology. 

The vacancy is a research position within the field of bioinformatics/computational biology and the research will be carried out in close collaboration with the involved partners. The ideal candidate has a background in bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, physics, or biology, strong algorithmic and/or machine learning skills, and experience with the analysis of high-throughput data. 

The temporary employment will be for a period of three years. The gross monthly salary for a Postdoc will range from ? 3140,- to ? 3.495,- and depends on previous experience. We can help you find housing. The NKI-AVL has been listed in the top 25 of 'Best Employers' in 2009 offering a specialized cancer research institute and hospital with good working conditions and an excellent atmosphere.

To apply, and for further information please contact Lodewyk Wessels, tel.: +31-20-5127987, e-mail: l.wessels at nki.nl or Jaap Heringa, tel.: heringa at few.vu.nl +31 20 59 87649 (direct) or +31 20 59 87483 (secr.)

1 July 2010

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